Offering Several Options in Hay Delivery

Offering  Several Options in Hay Delivery

Our Trucks

We can deliver hay to any point in the Eastern US in as little as two days. This allows any size load from 100 bales to 646 bales to be delivered and stacked in your barn on short notice. We offer this convenient option so you can save the hassle of handling the bales but at an additional cost.

Independent Brokered Trucks

  • Freight Trucks

    Our team can deliver hay to any point in the Eastern US in two days. This option is cheaper than delivering the products with our trucks. However, the customer will have to unload the bales themselves.

  • Inter Modal

    Having the bales carried through semi-trailers then delivered on trains is one of our popular options. It has all the benefits of semi-load deliveries and costs much less.

    We will put the trailer on a train, which will be delivered from the closest rail yard to your location by the railroad trucks. The customer will also have to unload the bales, but it is among the cheapest options available. Ten days lead time is required for this option.

  • Curtain Side and Drop Deck Trailers

    We also have access to several trucking companies that have these trailers. Curtain Sides and Drop Decks can make unloading much easier for the customer because the bales can be unloaded from the side.

  • Railcar Loads

    This is among the cheapest options available for our customers. It allows the customer to receive 1,100 bales of hay for the same cost per mile as a 646-bale load via semi. The customers will be the one to pick up the hay at the rail yard.

  • Drop and Hook

    We can also have this option available. Just give Josh a call for information on this delivery method.

Important Information

Our 50-pound bales can be banded together in groups of 21 bales using steel lumber bands. This allows the customer to unload a semi-van trailer using a forklift and no hand labor. However, banding charges apply.