Moorefield Farms

  • All hays carry a quality guarantee against dust and mold (unless predetermined)
  • All of our hays are "blister beetle" free
  • We do not raise Fescue based hays, so endophytes are not an issue with our hay
  • Samples and nutritional test results are available on all of our hay
  • Before you buy we can box up a flake of any hay you are interested in and mail it to you ($25.00 charge for sample, but credited towards your hay purchase). 

 Type  Cutting Quantity   Test  Price per
    Average Bale

 Small Square Bales 

1st cutting Alf/Orch  Mix 1st 14,000 $4.50-6.00/bale 55 lbs.
 Oats/Orch/Alf 2nd  3000 $4.50/bale 55 lbs
CERTIFIED ORGANIC O/T/A 1st 2000 $6.50/bale 45lbs
2nd cutting Alf/Orch Mix 2nd 12,000   6.00-8.00/bale 55lbs 
3rd cutting Alfalfa/Tim Mix  3rd 7,000   6.00-8.00/Bale 55lbs 
3rd cutting Pure Alfalfa  3rd 21,600    6.00-8.00/Bale  55lbs
 Large Square Bales     
1st cutting Alf/Orch Mix  1st  7,000   $160.00/ton 800 lbs. (3x3x8)
Oats/Orch/Alf  new seeding 2000 $125/ton 800lbs. (3x3x8)
May Made Mix  1st  3,000 $280/ton 800 lbs. (3x3x8)
Baleage (Alfalfa/Orchard) 1st 1,500  *has not been tested yet 3x3x6
      (Individually Wrapped) 
 Wheat Straw  Chopped 60   $150/ton 800 lbs.
Oat Straw    500    $90/ton  
Mulch Hay         $60/ton  800 lbs. 

Payment terms
All loads leaving the state of Ohio must be prepaid unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment of orders delivered via our own trucks can be made at time of delivery.
We now accept credit cards (2% charge).

Contact Josh or call the farm for any questions about our inventory 330-201-1700