Moorefield Farms


We are in the business of hay production and pride ourselves on providing premium grade hay for the horse, Dairy, and beef cow industry.  We are able to market hays best suited to the hays type and quality.

Moorefield Farms consists of 1,400 acres situated on some of America's most fertile soil, covering parts of Wayne, Holmes, and Medina counties in Ohio, and are continually expanding the scale of our operations.  We have operated under the same name for over 15 years and have built a reputation based on quality and honesty.

We concentrate on staying on top of the agricultural changes in hay making, thus providing you with the highest quality hay available.  Our harvesting page takes you through a tour of our hay production process and we are happy to answer any questions you have on our products.

At Moorefield Farms we harvest several varieties of hay; Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchardgrass, and various mixes as well as a triple mix.  The Inventory page gives a complete listing of hay types, cuttings, and bale sizes we have currently available.  We also offer a sample hay flake.....for customers that would like to see our product first hand. 

All hays that we sell are raised BY US on our farms.  By baling our own hay we know what we are selling you,  and can provide a much higher quality, more uniform product than a hay broker can.  Trusting your hay producer is an important step in making a satisfying hay purchase, and forming a dependable producer/customer relationship.

We also can provide quality Wheat and Rye straw for bedding, landscape, road construction, and racetracks located anywhere in the Eastern US.

Our premium hay is available at select farm stores or shipped in bulk directly to our customers.                                                                                        
                                                    To place an order, please contact 
Josh Moorefield at........330-201-1700

Moorefield Farms
3841 Shreve Eastern Rd
Shreve Ohio 44676